How Peddle Plus’s billing software is helping retailers keep social distancing in their stores?

We’re in the unlocking phase, and the routine of the retail stores are getting back to normal. Many retailers have opened their stores and are having visitors at their front. Besides the unlocking, the government has still advised the stores to maintain proper distancing and follow all the crucial guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Here is how Peddle Plus is helping retailers operate their stores with its retail management solutions & billing software:

1. Self-checkout option – Peddle Plus billing software offers the feature of self-checkout to the customers in the store. The buyer can scan the product and pay online without getting into any queue. This solution of avoiding billing lines helps retailers to maintain a proper distance in the store.

2. Online buying – Peddle Plus billing software with the online selling app gives an option of online ordering and delivery to the end customer. This solution helps retailers to take orders without the store getting crowded. 

3. Order online & store pickup – Some retailers don’t have the employee capacity of providing home delivery. Peddle Plus billing software, and retail solutions help retailers to take orders online and provide pickup options at the store. The store keeps the order packed, and the customer can pick it up without crowding the store.

Peddle Plus solutions include billing software, inventory management, Point-of-sale (POS), Sales & Purchase management, Accounting and Online Selling – all available in just a single retail management software.

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