Top 5 Digital Payments Apps for Faster Retail Billing & Better Billing Experience

Digital Payments Apps

Billing is at the heart of every retail store. It helps us in GST Filing, supplier management, efficient inventory management, better customer experience and managing the entire operations of your retail store or business. Let’s talk about some digital payments apps today.

In today’s digital age, customers use a range of payment apps to make bill payments to online and offline retailers. Be it an E-commerce company or a local retail store, many customers now rely on digital payments.

However, they don’t use just a single platform. They have accounts with many digital payment companies to avail the benefits associated with them. As a retailer, it is important for you to know which digital payment apps your customers are using. So, here is a list of the top 5 apps that your customer are using for a faster billing and payment experience:

  1. PayTM

PayTM, the most common and popular app in India. It offers your customers the option to transfer money into a digital wallet and use it to make bill payments at websites, app stores, retail stores, restaurants and more. This method of payment is a must-have for your retail store.

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon, the world’s largest store and retail business, launched its payment app. Extremely secure, and efficient, it helps users pay bills in online stores, offline stores, restaurants, or local shops. Mostly used by Amazon’s large user base, people get discounts and cashback on paying bills. Amazon uses this billing information to give exclusive offers to the user.
This is an essential mode of payment that every retail store and retailer should have.

  1. Google Pay

Google’s own payment app is extremely popular in India with a large user base. Users can connect directly to the bank account and make bill payments in large stores, small stores, online shops or any other retail business.
Like the other digital payment apps, Google Pay also rewards users for paying bills using their platform.

  1. PhonePe

With over 100 million users, this app helps users make UPI bill payments, recharges in mobile shops, and ensure safe money transfers. It is one of the popular apps in India, and people use it to pay bills in retail stores, small shops, online or offline retail businesses.

  1. Mobikwik

Highly used by people for making bill payments at online retail stores, this app is now also being adopted by many restaurant owners, offline retail stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more.

With many attractive and useful features, the user base is growing. So, these apps are a must-have for every retail store with digital features like billing software, POS machines, inventory management systems. These apps will give your customers a variety of payment options and speed up the billing process.

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