Is the pandemic acting as a catalyst to boost contactless payments in traditional retail?

Businesses have seen multi-fold changes during these times of crisis. As social distancing has become the new norm for businesses, the payments landscape has also witnessed many changes.

From modern retail to traditional stores, providing a germ-free experience to the customers has become the need of the hour. Peddle Plus‘s multi-model payment system has served our community without the need for any additional tech infrastructure, thus ensuring social distancing & customer safety.

1. Self-checkout – The customers in the store can scan the barcode & pay from their phones. Also, the floor staff can scan the barcode & the customers can pay without the need for queueing.

2. Online shopping – The customers can shop & order from the comfort of their homes using the Peddle Plus app. They can make the payment from multiple payment gateways.

3. Online payment gateways – The customers can opt for cashless transactions & pay through Google Pay, Paytm, & Freecharge

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