Delhi Govt Announces 6-day Lockdown; Only Essential Services Allowed

6-day lockdown in Delhi

In light of the rising number of Covid-19 cases, the government of Delhi imposed a 6-day lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. Retailers mentioned that they could witness anxiety in the buyers at the retail stores & shops but no panic buying.

Retailers added that people are assured that they will have easy access to essentials. Customers can now order products online through apps, online retail stores, at offline retail stores using WhatsApp or calls.

Smart retailers who took important learning from the national lockdown last year have implemented a range of technologies in their stores to ensure that they can better serve their customers in an efficient manner in this 6-day lockdown.

Some have even completely digitalised their retail stores using billing software, inventory management systems, retail management software, online ordering app, GST filing, supplier management, CRM, Point-of-Sale terminals and POS software.

Mukesh Gupta, a retail store owner from South Delhi, confidently proclaimed, “I trust in technology now for my business. The all-in-one billing software in my stores now helps me manage everything from my mobile. Data on everything from inventory, stocking, billing, GST filing, CRM, POS, & online selling is now readily available to me. The only thing I worry about now is ensuring that my staff are wearing a mask always and that social distancing is maintained inside the stores.”

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