Running a Safe & Hygienic Retail Store or Business in the Pandemic

Prevent Covid Spread in Your Store

Follow these Steps to Prevent Covid Spread in Your Store:

  1. Ensure that social distancing is maintained at your retail store or shop or outlet. Discourage people from crowding at the billing desk, billing counter or outside your store. Ensure that a 2-metre distance is maintained at all times.
  2. If your retail store or business offers home delivery, then encourage your customers to order from the Peddle Plus Online Ordering App or WhatsApp. You can easily monitor all orders, bills, payments and inventory using the Peddle Plus Billing App & Billing Software.
  3. Offer multiple modes of payment at your retail store. Encourage the use of digital payment apps for billing & payments. Apart from increasing payment options for customers, this will also ensure faster billing and payments at your store and also avoid crowding.
  4. Strictly ensure that all the employees of your retail store/business, your customers and others always wear a mask. Deny entry to your store for people not wearing a mask.
  5. Regularly sanitise and clean the premises of your retail store. Pay attention to areas with high footfall such as billing counter, billing desk, store counters, store walkways, warehouses of the store, entry and exit of your store and the cash register.

Strictly following these steps in your retail store along with the guidelines of your local authority will prevent the spread of Covid-19. As responsible citizens and retailers, it is our duty to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

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