Behind the tech: How Peddle Plus is Bridging the Technology Gap for Large Enterprises

For a decade, we have seen the enormous potential of technology in retail and how it can shape the future of the Indian market. If you look around, from a localised store to a large enterprise, every business is reliant upon technology to streamline operations, improve communication, boost business and have a competitive edge.

Considering how rapidly technology is changing the face of retail, we thought of sharing a use case of how Peddle Plus’s POS solutions are simplifying enterprise collaborations in the emerging O2O (offline to online) models in organised retail.

The Client: RedTape, an international apparel and shoe brand with markets in the US, UK, France, Germany, West Asia and South Africa.

The Challenge: Integrating the RedTape physical stores in real-time with the Paytm Mall web & mobile apps for the Indian market.

The Solution (POC): Peddle Plus’s innovative O2O POS solution for enterprises helped RedTape integrate its offline outlets with Paytm mall. Peddle Plus, with its comprehensive technology, provided a 360-degree retail solution for RedTape that included:

  • Integrating the online store with the physical showrooms
  • Streamlining other operations such as billing, inventory management and stock tracking

The Benefit:

  • Better in-store experience & online shopping experience
  • Wider consumer reach with multichannel sales
  • Stores, warehouses & fulfillment hubs synchronised in real-time
  • Single inventory management system for online & offline
  • Increased employee efficiency & productivity

With technology comes innovation. At Peddle Plus, we are proud to be providing solutions that are easy, comprehensive and created to bring a change in how a retail business functions.

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