5 Things to Consider while Creating your Online Store

1. User Experience – Make sure that your visitors don’t have to search for things they want. The display and navigation should be easy enough for the users to move through the site and place an order. Also, ensure that your store doesn’t have too much loading time. According to research, any site that loads above 2.5 seconds can have more bounce rate.

2. Device Optimisation – Your e-commerce store should be optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet. In this era where customers purchase on the go, your e-commerce business can’t survive without a mobile app. Make sure your store is adaptive and has an easy user interface on all three devices.

3. Integration – Usually brands face issues integrating their e-commerce store with a billing and inventory system. Getting these services from multiple companies leads to an increase in the response time and problem-solving cycle. It’s always better to go with a solution that offers everything under one roof.

For instance, Peddle Plus integrates your branded e-commerce store with an ERP and Inventory Management system to automate your store and streamline operations.

4. Maintenance – Creating an online store also comes with regular maintenance. Bug fixes, loading speed, regular updates and more are an integral part of any website and app. Make sure your service provider includes maintenance as an important part of their service. It can be expensive as well as inconvenient for brands that have to contact a third-party maintenance service.

5. Site Security – Site security is key, especially, on an e-commerce platform. Since your site collects private information and takes online payments, your user’s information must be safe and secure.

Hope this was helpful. We, at Peddle Plus, take care of all the above points and provide 360-degree retail solutions under a single roof. To know more or get your branded store, contact us at https://peddleplus.in/ecommerce-store/.

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