Advertise your Store: How to Go Digital with your Physical Store.

Advertise your Store: How to Go Digital
with your Physical Store.

Priyanka Bhatia

Head of Marketing, Peddle Plus

Featured among the Top 10 Women in Digital Marketing, she plays a pivotal role in shaping, managing and amplifying Peddle Plus’ digital footprint.

With the advent of technology and e-commerce competitors offering multiple benefits to the end consumers, it has become necessary for local retail stores to go digital to stay in the market. Here are some ways to advertise your store and go digital:

  • Open a Google My Business Account & add your address, map, opening hours & other business information
  • Make a Google/Wix free website and put your store information online
  • Create an Instagram & Facebook account and promote your store in your local area
  • Create a list of phone numbers/emails of your customers and share regular messages and emails with new offers
  • Connect with local RWAs and get access to their community groups and chat forums
  • Start selling on apps that help you build an online store. (Peddle Plus online selling app helps you sell online in your local area. Message us to know more.
  • Post-user-generated content. Ask a happy customer in your store to put a story online and tag your page.

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