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Effortlessly build your ecommerce website and app with our online store builder.

Manage every aspect of your ecommerce store using our unified platform.
Get access to our ERP, CRM, POS, and Inventory Management modules.

Freedom from Commissions in Just 4 Steps

1.Connect with Us

Fill the form and receive a call-back from our team. Or simply connect with us on WhatsApp.

2. Get our Technology

Get our easy-to-customize e-commerce website builder and create your store.

3. Product Database

Simply add your product databases to our platform, and start seeing your products on your e-commerce store.

4. Ready in 20 Days

Easily customize various elements of your store, and get the store up and running in just 20 days.

The Smart Way to Build your Ecommerce Website

Whether you run an e-commerce business, an offline business or both, we have you covered. Our Ecommerce Website Builder comes with a wide range of features that will boost both your productivity and profitability.

A graphic depicting how business owners can sell their products on the Peddle Plus E-commerce Platform. The image also illustrates how business owners can save massively.

Bang for your Buck

  • One-time Payment
  • Zero Subscription Fees
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Store Ready in 20 Days
  • Ecommerce Website & App
  • Low Maintenance

No More Limits

  • Unlimited Inventory
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Features
  • Unlimited Industries
  • Unlimited Growth
A graphic depicting how the Peddle Plus ecommerce website provides business with an unlimited growth potential
A graphic depicting how Peddle Plus can make your ecommerce website more productive with its features, helping your business grow easily.

More Productivity

  • Integrated ERP
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Accounting Module
  • Shipping & Payment Integration

Data-driven Growth

  • Dedicated Reporting App
  • AI-based Alerts
  • In-depth Reports
  • Real-time Data
  • MIS Integration
  • Actionable Insights
A graphic depicting how the Peddle Plus ecommerce platform empowers with real-time data and analyttics.

Customize Your Store
with Our Ecommerce Website Builder

No matter the industry, easily create your ecommerce website with our responsive and customizable themes.

Supercharge your E-commerce Website

Integrate dozens of your favourite third-party products into your e-commerce website. Manage marketing, advertising, social media, tracking, sales, CRM, cloud services, shipping partners, analytics, payments and much more.

Why Choose our E-commerce Website Builder

Industry Options

  • Ease
  • Subscription Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Ecommerce App or Website
  • Affordability
  • Online-to-Offline
  • Integrated ERP, POS & CRM
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance

Peddle Plus

15-20 Days
  • Sit back & relax
  • Zero Subscription Fees
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Both in Package
  • Low Long-term Investment
  • HO & Warehouse
  • Included in Package
  • Included in Package
  • Low Maintenance

Website Builders

4-6 Months
  • Learn coding or hire an expert
  • Monthly/Yearly
  • 0.5-30%
  • Only Website
  • High Long-term Investment
  • Not Available
  • Native & 3rd Party
  • Native & 3rd Party
  • High Maintenance

Development Agency

4-6 Months
  • Coordinate with the developer
  • Monthly/Yearly
  • 0.5-30%
  • Third Party
  • High Long-term Investment
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • High Maintenance

Peddle Plus Ecommerce

Live in 15-20 Days
  • No Coding Needed
  • Zero Subscription Fees
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Low Long-term Investment
  • HO & Warehouse Integration
  • ERP, POS & CRM Included
  • Inventory Management
  • Low Maintenance
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