Now manage Zomato, Swiggy & Amazon from Peddle Plus and give your business a boost.

Now manage Zomato, Swiggy & Amazon from Peddle Plus and Give your Business a Boost.

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If you are a retailer, running a restaurant, café, bar or selling on Amazon, then managing orders from multiple e-commerce platforms becomes difficult. On one hand, you manage your bills with billing software and on the other, you also get orders from various platforms. Between multiple channels, there are chances of incorrect sales records, issues with stock tracking and repeated entries in the accounts.

To solve this problem, Peddle Plus, a Delhi-based retail company has come up with a solution with which you can manage all your orders from Zomato, Swiggy and Amazon from a single billing software. Some of the benefits of this feature are as follows:

Order management – Now manage all your orders easily in one place. Peddle Plus has integrated Zomato, Swiggy and Amazon in its billing software to help you manage your transactions without any problems. All your orders from these apps automatically start reflecting in your billing software and you are not required to manually edit your sales records.

Easily create bills – Peddle Plus billing software provides you with the feature of easily creating bills for orders from multiple platforms. You can create and print GST-ready invoices for transactions from both Peddle Plus Point-of-sale (POS) software or third-party applications. With this billing software, you can also create your own barcode for ease in billing the products.

Track your inventory – It becomes difficult to manage your stock if you take orders from multiple platforms. Peddle Plus billing software helps you to track your stock at one place. The inventory management feature of this billing software helps you track, verify and transfer your stock easily. Your inventory from multiple E-Commerce platforms is managed automatically with Peddle Plus once an order is placed. Now you don’t have to manually open and check each app to manage your inventory, as everything is automatically done with Peddle Plus billing software.

Scale your business – Peddle Plus gives you the facility to sell online to your local customers. With the integration of multiple apps to this platform, you can expand your delivery channel and sell to a much larger area. All your sales would be recorded in a single billing software which is easy-to-use and requires no technical knowledge.

Run your business with your phone – Now you can manage your inventory from anywhere at any time, even if you aren’t present at your store with Peddle Plus’s Android/IOS apps free with the billing software. All your invoices, inventory and other reports are synced with your software and can be managed with your phone. Peddle Plus software comes handy with multiple features like billing, accounting, CRM, stock tracking, sales & purchase records, all to be managed with a few clicks on your phone.

Peddle Plus billing software is trusted by many retailers and restaurant owners for managing their business with ease. The software is constantly updated with new features to solve your problems and help you stay connected to your customers. Other features like online selling, self-checkout and online payments also help you to provide your customers with a better shopping experience. You grow when your customers are happy and this software ensures your bond with your customers gets stronger with every transaction.