Working with Peddle Plus has been a good experience. They not only delivered the product and more but the system also taught us a great deal how to run my company smoothly.

We have been using PEDDLE PLUS for more than a year. It's very easy to operate and secured too. Support team, did the GST migration seamlessly within a few hours. we are really proud of being a part of PEDDLE PLUS.

Timeous is fully committed what they say. I am using peddle plus software for more than 1 year. My work has become more and more simpler and inventory is managed easily. On a single click I can see my sales and profit report monthly or annually. Thanks to Timeous.

After using the software, productivity at each level of each department has been increased tremendously. I strongly recommend the software.

Team Timeous has the technical understanding and retail domain sensitivity to support our salon business. The software is a multi segment friendly. The partnership with Timeous for PEDDLE PLUS helped our retailing smooth and support is just a call away.

Peddle Plus made both front-end & back end of our store. Through PEDDLE PLUS our days of retailing has become so easy like doing many things on just a finger tip.