How this retail software helped a departmental store win its customers back and increase profits

Every morning Paul, owner of Nilgiri Supermart in Saket opened his store and spent time in manually tracking stock, counting cash, making a list of sales and other such activities. Most of his day used to be over, doing all these daily jobs manually until he thought of digitalising his store using billing software.

Here is how using Peddle Plus billing software acted as a turnaround for Paul:

1. Spending time with customers – Taking care of your customers in the shop is very important. Instead of sitting in the corner on his desk, now Paul can attend his customers, understand their requirements better and oversee if his staff is attending properly to the day-rush in the shop. Using this billing software which comes with other features like inventory, accounting, CRM, Sales and Purchase tracking has helped him strengthen the bond with his regular customers and understand them better.

2. Providing multiple facilities – Paul now provides multiple benefits to his customers with the Peddle Plus billing software. In comparison with other stores in his area, Nilgiri Supermart provides self-checkout option to his customers to avoid long waiting lines on the billing counter. His store also has a facility of online ordering, with which the buyer can either ask for home delivery or pick-up the packed order from the store. The billing software is also connected with many payment partners which allow the customers to pay online.

3. Automating his daily tasks – This billing software has helped Paul digitalise most of the operations in his store. He is now able to manage inventory properly, track and verify stock, accounting, GST billing, maintain a CRM system and get MIS reports to keep a check on store performance. With the monitoring of his daily activities, Paul has seen an increase of 20% in his store profits. 

4. Saving time and money – Getting all those features that are needed to run a departmental store, under one billing software has helped Paul save a lot of time and money. He didn’t have to keep an extra employee for running this billing software as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge and can be learnt under an hour. The software also does the work in much lesser time and cost, increasing efficiency and profits.

5. Branding in his area – Paul went a step ahead and informed the nearby RWAs and colonies about the facilities his store is providing with Peddle Plus billing software. He also created a WhatsApp group with his regular customers to send this information. When the company came to know about his efforts, they helped him reach a higher customer base in his area and advertised the Peddle Plus online shopping app on various platforms which bought even more traffic to his store.

Peddle Plus billing software helped a local store to compete with other stores in his area and also take a strong stand against modern retail. This is what Paul had to say – “I am very happy to use this software. The best thing is that it gives me so many features which have made all the operations automatic in the store. Their support team is also very helpful.”

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