6 advantages of using Peddle Plus’s retail management solutions – Trusted by 1000+ Retailers

If you are in search of billing software, then you are in the right place. Peddle Plus billing software & retail solutions offer multiple advantages over others in the market. Let’s see how:

  1. One software, multiple features – Peddle Plus’s billing software offers features like – GST invoicing, inventory management, Point-of-sale (POS), Sales & Purchase management, Accounting and Online Selling – all available in just a single retail management software.
  2. Easy & Simple – Peddle Plus billing software doesn’t require any technical knowledge and can be understood in just an hour. The company offers 100% support and provides free demo before and after every purchase. The customers can call the support team anytime and get answers to their doubts while running the billing software.
  3. Online Selling facility – The billing software offers a facility to local retailers where they can sell online & provide fast home deliveries to their specific customer base. Their customers can buy the required products through the Peddle Plus Mobile App and get their order delivered at home.
  4. Multiple Payment Options – India is moving towards digital transactions, and retailers must provide cashless payment options in their stores. Peddle Plus billing software & its mobile apps offer both online payment & Cash-on-delivery (COD) facility to the store customers.
  5. Saves Time & Money – With everything managed in just a single software, Peddle Plus makes it easy for the retailers to run their stores. The automation of the store operations helps the retailers save time and focus on growing their business. The retailer also saves the cost of hiring technical staff & extra employees to manage the store.
  6. Available in different languages – Peddle Plus billing software is available in 28 languages. The retailers don’t need to learn English and can manage their store in their preferred language.

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