TRAI mandates DLT registration to prevent SMS-related frauds

TRAI mandates DLT registration
to prevent SMS-related frauds

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DLT Registration: In order to prevent spam messages and online frauds, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has mandated telecom companies to check every SMS with the registered text. All SMSes, either transactional or promotional are required to do DLT registration with the telecom operators and are supposed to follow a standard template with a header, preference and content.

The new regulation under the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulations (TCCCPR), 2018, was initiated in March to keep a check on SMS-related frauds. To implement this, telecom operators have adopted DLT (Distributor Ledger Technology), a blockchain-based technology that verifies the sender ids, header and content before sending the message to the consumers. Only SMSes from the registered sources are allowed and the others are rejected.

However, with this new rule in place, multiple telemarketers were unable to register their sender ids and content with the telecom operating companies and requested more time to adapt to the new technology. Following this issue, TRAI had to suspend DLT for a week but later in March directed the telecom operators to resume filtering the messages as per the norms without blocking any telemarketer that fails to comply.

The regulation is being closely monitored and all telemarketers have been asked to get registered on an immediate basis.

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